Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Currently relaxing in Richmond, Virginia
I'm sorry I have not posted anything recently.  It's a simple explanation involving my limited technological skills combined with both physical and mental exhaustion.

But now that I seem to have figured out my laptop, I will be here more often!

A lot of things have changed.  First of all, rehearsals have finished and we are officially on tour!  So far, we've had a flight, a 10-hour bus ride, and our first 3-show day.  I'm surviving so far :)

Another change is that I have started a new Disney-specific blog on Tumblr: it is www.quilaladisney.tumblr.com.  It will be much easier to update and interact this way, although I will still keep HelloQuilala as my general blog.  Check it out for photos, videos, and links from our show!

I'll be back soon! Promise.

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