Saturday, 8 September 2012

Said The Whale

Last night I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite Canadian bands, Said The Whale, perform at the Kaleido Arts Festival in Edmonton.
I had their newest album [Little Mountain] on repeat in Hidalgo, Texas when it came out in March, so seeing them perform live was an amazing opportunity. Not to mention it was the night before I leave Canada for 9 months...perfect timing!
I definitely prefer listening to them live because produced tracks tend to be too "smooth" for my personal preference.  Regardless, Little Mountain is a great album to listen to from beginning to end.  At the Kaleido Festival the sound was so clear and simple; therefore, the instruments beautifully enhanced each other as well as Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester's excellent vocals.
Kaleido Art Festival goers
Here's the music video for their song 'Lines' for your enjoyment :)
And also a live session of their song 'Big Sky, MT'
Read more about Said The Whale and the Kaleido Arts Festival here!

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